Sunday, December 2, 2012

Maylee's 3rd Birthday!

Maylee's Birthday is the first of April, which is always fun for me because it always falls right around easter, so there is a lot of excitement and festivities for her birthday. This year she wanted a Tangled birthday. The weather was cooperating, so we had the party at my parent's house and did one of our first bbqs of the season. My parents have a great deck/ yard for big gatherings, so it was perfect. I can't believe in just a few months we will be celebrating Maylee's birthday again. So much about her has changed this past year, but she is still our sweet little Maylee. Her speech has gotten a lot better, however, we are still going strong with speech therapy and have a long road ahead of us still. But everyday she talks more and more and more people understand her. So I am very hopeful that by the time she starts kindergarten there won't be a trace of an impediment at all. Maylee is so thoughtful and caring. She is very sensitive to others and is concerned when others are sad. She definitely is a mother at heart, just like I was. Her favorite things are babies and playing dress up. As tender hearted as Maylee is, she definitely has a stubborn streak that can match anyone I know... myself included! She really is a mini me. We have so many of the same characteristics, and tendencies... which I think is good, because as I see undesirable traits come up in her that I know she has gotten from me, I am more aware of how I act, so hopefully I can change both of our undesirable qualities! She really is such a twinkle in my eye though. She has enriched our family's dynamic so much. She always comes and gives loves and thinks of those that I don't think normally a child would and makes sure they get loves too. Already she is so excited to be a big sister, and  I know she will be a great one. She is so talented, she loves to sing, and dance, she loves to help me in the kitchen, and her drawing technique is really improving too. She's very careful at what she does, and I think already she shows the capability/ possibility of challenging Kaleb in their talents. I can see some competitiveness in them already. However, I think Maylee's is more of just wanting to do everything that her brother does, instead of trying to do it better or even just as good as him. She just wants to be with him. She is such a happy girl. Whenever I come into the room she jumps up and yells my name, greeting me with hugs and kisses. It doesn't matter how many times she has already seen me that day! In the mornings she is a ray of sunshine... until it's time to eat.... then it's a battle because all the girl wants is to eat cereal and I don't really like them eating cereal everyday. I've gotten in the habit (and like to) make warm breakfasts that are a little more nutritional. I like to save the cereal for the mornings after I work.... so we sometimes but heads with that one. :) I love my little girl and look forward to watching her grow up and to develop into an even more beautiful young woman. Now on to the party festivities....... :)

Grandma's hot tub served as a great stage for her to open her presents! The balloons in the background where actually for a balloon release in honor of Maylee's birthday. Because Rapunzel was so special to her parents, they wanted her to know that they never forgot her, so they would set lanterns off for her birthday. So we set balloons off for Maylee, everybody thinking of something they loved about and hoped for for Maylee. It was my favorite part of the party. Unfortunately we didn't think to take pictures of it! Probably because we were all sending off our balloons! 

Maylee coming down to see a surprise gift !

A new princess bike complete with a baby seat, streamers, and a basket!!

Taking it for a spin....

Rapunzel Tower cupcakes... thank you Pinterest!

Maylee was singing Happy Birthday to herself! We sure love her!!

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